Founded in 2008 by Alexander Wever, AWF Consulting today is an established management consultancy specializing entirely in the fishing industry. We support companies in the seafood industry in business management issues and companies in other sectors in questions relating to fish/seafood. This particularly includes market analysis, market research and the development of tailor-made marketing concepts.

Our clients are national and international companies, from small fish shops to global food corporations. We attach particular importance to a practical, comprehensible approach aimed at achieving quickly realizable results.

In addition, we represent the interests of national and international seafood organizations and companies in the German-speaking and Northern European market.

Representative Offices


Together with the customer, we develop individually adapted calculation models that take into account the special features of seafood products such as currency fluctuations, fluctuating purchase prices and different forms of spoilage. We use techniques such as rolling purchase prices and flexible calculation surcharges.


Knowing what the end consumer but also the retail buyer think about a product is important information that we collect, process and interpret discreetly for our customers. Furthermore, we compile primary and secondary statistical analyses for our customers.


The size of the sales market, existing value-added chains and the prices paid there, the identification of potential customers and much more we make available to our customers, nationally and internationally. In addition, we also prepare neutral expert opinions and “Independent Marketing Reports” for EMFF grant applications.


Together with our clients, we develop tailor-made concepts for purchasing, sales and marketing, which take into account the product, the markets and the individual situation of the vendor. We do this with our many years of experience and our good overview of the German-speaking and international seafood markets.


With an experience of far more than 150 seafood seminars for employees working at fish counters, managers, purchasers in retail and wholesale and end consumers, together with our customers we develop seminar solutions tailored to their needs and also conduct these seminars. Because in the end it is usually the well-trained staff that makes the difference to the competition.


Whether print campaign in the specialized press, development of CI and CD, creation of content for social media and internet – we have the appropriate experience and contacts to ensure that our customers’ seafood products are presented in the right light and reach the right circle of users.


We are professionals at Seafood-Promotion and know the right partners, whether for wide-ranging promotion activities at over 1,000 fish counters in German retail or customer-specific presentation of new products, training of promotion staff, competitions, etc. – together with our client we ensure excitement at the POS.


With our excellent network in the national and international trade press, we ensure that the information, which our client wants to place, is heard and seen in the right places. We compile information for journalists or write articles in coordination with the client and the selected media partner.