Market Analysis

Market Analysis

“When analysing the market, we particularly emphasize an in-depth analysis and presentation of the value chain and its players.”

Alexander Wever Managing Director

In market analysis we place particular emphasis on an in-depth analysis and presentation of the value chain and its players. This is the best way to determine the position of each specific product and the most likely customers for it. In addition to the typical horizontal and vertical connections, we always also focus on the aspect of logistics and the specific trading hubs. We also look at the market as a whole and its segments on the basis of existing statistics for imports and exports. As part of the analysis of the value chain, we also examine the usual volumes, prices, costs and revenues at the various stages in order to achieve the greatest possible transparency. We interpret the resulting information, which we also validate in discussions with industry insiders, and this information then serves as the basis for further projects such as marketing strategies.

We always individually determine the exact scope of each market analysis together with the client.

Since our foundation in 2008, we have conducted over 100 market analyses for seafood products.

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